Vitashine Children Formula 1-6 Years FAQ


Q. How to prepare delicious nutrient-packed Vitashine Children Formula for my lovely prince/princess?

Stir 2 scoops (25g) into 150 – 200ml of lukewarm water and let your adorable children enjoy tasty and nutritious Vitashine Children Formula infused with your unconditional love for them.

Q. My son is disadvantageously shorter than other children of same age even though he eats normally. I am very concerned about it. What should I do?

You may start your son on Vitashine Children Formula which contains diversified portfolio of amino acids fortified with 22 types of vitamins and minerals, especially high calcium content, that are essential for your son to grow taller and stronger!

Q. None of my children like vegetables and I am wondering will they ever have enough nutrients to grow healthily. There are so many children formula out there and I have difficulty telling which one best suits my children’s needs.

We strongly recommend Vitashine Children Formula to counter your children’s picky behavior. Formulated with natural and highly-nutritious certified-organic oat, soybean and millet and enhanced with well-balanced cocktail of important vitamins and minerals, 2 glasses of Vitashine Children Formula every day would definitely meet your children’s challenging growth requirement. Furthermore, Vitashine Children Formula is fortified with prebiotics to aid digestion and enhance absorption of nutrients. Moreover, healthy intestinal environment boosts immunity against common infections.

Q. My child has difficulties in learning. I am totally running out of idea how to improve his shortcoming.

No worry, because Vitashine Children Formula has what it takes to improve your child’s memory and learning capacity – docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Every serving of 25g nourishes your child with handsomely 50mg DHA to promote optimal brain development.

Q. My son often complain having trouble moving his bowel. Besides, he always catches cold and flu, and he takes long time to recover from it. What should I do to improve his conditions?

Studies show that daily consumption of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), also known as prebiotic not only will restore intestinal functions, but also strengthen one’s immunity against common infectious disease. In this case, Vitashine Children Formula which contains adequate FOS can kill two birds with one stone!

Q. As a parent I am extremely concerned about the source of ingredients when it comes to choosing the best formula milk for my precious children. Ideally my choice of children formula should not contain any substances which may harm my children.

Yes, we feel you and understand your concern. Vitashine Children Formula is made from highest-grade certified organic oat, soybean and millet, thus free from all kinds of potential contaminants like pesticides, insecticides and artificial fertilizers. Compared to cow’s milk which often has greater allergenic properties and could possibly carry forward some remnant of antibiotics and hormones, Vitashine Children Formula is hypoallergenic and free from those hazardous substances – definitely the best we can offer to your children!